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The Amazing Trevor Morgan

isn't he hott??!

Trevor Morgan Fans
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This is a database for Fans... ONLY Fans of Trevor Morgan... those who do not share love for Trevor Morgan will NOT be permitted to join... feel free to write fan fic (though I'm not one who tends to) and post comments or questions... those in the community will do their best to answer... Try and keep the language/fan fic at a PG rating... not everyone likes to read questionable material. One more thing, I'd rather prefer if other sites weren't premoted in here... I'd love to hear about them personally... and I know the other members would... but if you have a site you want people to join please go to others directly, thanks! Other than that, have fun and enjoy the database... feel free to post icons and backgrounds... I know I'd enjoy them... and other's probably would also! Thanks!

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