Chenoa (forever_young08) wrote in tevormorgan,

It's that time, It's that time...

Hello, Hello!!
*sigh* I appologize for being so lax on the updates... I admit... it has been a while... but what with school and my parents constantly breathing down my neck... its been difficult to get online and update on here... plus... when I do update, nobody really pays attention... so... I just haven't.

But that aside...
I've some trevor news for you all!
it seems after "The Prize Winner of Defiance Idaho" Trevor made, "Off the Black." In which he played: Dave Tibble. It's a drama and the plot outline is as follows: "A juvenile act helps forge an unusual friendship develops between a highschool baseball umpire and a teenage pitcher."

Trevor is in the process of filming two new movies called, "Local Color," and "Chasing 3000." and it seems he was on episode 3.16 of Reno 911, in 2005.

well that's it for now, except to say... if you are a fan of The Chronicles of Narnia, please check out my new community: into_narnia it's updated considerably more often!! heh heh... :D

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